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Third Grade

"Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration." Thomas Edison 


You have to see this link to the video about the

Springs Ranch Elementary Walk-A-Thon!

Video (click here).....Walk-A-Thon

Article (click here).......Article


If you are having any issues with the new math for this year, you are in luck! Below is a website ALL OF US can use to understand the lessons that I teach during the day.

This link is for 3rd Grade only......Click Here

Other grades for siblings.....Click Here


Here is the link for you to get into your 

Xtra Math account to practice your facts.  Use the paper Mr. Hepperle gave

you for your login info. 

The Smithsonian and Scholastic come together with 39 Clues for a VIrtual Field Trip.....check it out here!

Caine's Arcade

Video link here

Brain Pop

This website has countless great resources to help kids in school.  Every subject, content, and videos, games, activities to keep you highly engaged and understanding in school!

 user:  sreslab

pswd: bobcats

Cool Videos!

Below are some pretty neat videos we have looked at in class that are fun to watch and share!


Coke & Mentos Fountains

These scientists have a whole video synchonized to music for 101 bottles of Diet Coke and 523 Mentos!

Coke & Mentos


Invisible Octopus

Watch carefully to see the best camouflage EVER!

Invisible Octopus 


Tim Tebow Reading Green Eggs & Ham, with the Book It! Program and Pizza Hut.


Check it out



Mrs. Starr and Springs Ranch are famous!

Check out this link about a story on the PBS Channel and how Mrs. Starr (and some other kiddos) are helping the Ladybugs in our world.



 Plant a Tree in Colorado (for Free!)

click here and enter a email address




We are writing some very cool poems in class an learning about some fo the best poets.  Click here to go to the Writing Page to find more Poetry links


3rd Grade Nutrition Week!

Check out the link below to see the famous "chefs" that are from our class!  This was a great event and we plan on participating next year! 

 Bon Appetit'




All of the links on this site are appropriate for my class and have been tested by me personally.


Thank you,

Mr. Hepperle

495-1149  x6530

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